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Maharshi mehi Movement
Towards the end of 20th century. India lay in sociopolitical ferment among the remarkable figures of the head of the Indian renaissance. Maharshi Mehi who stands out by himself and founded and Ashrama with the sole aim of rejuvenating the humanism which was laying in the deep slobs with his typical teaching which were the extraction of philosophy of the saints viz. Kabir, Guru Nanak, Jesus Charist, Mohammad Sahab and innumerable.
                He founded Santamata Satsang Ashrama at Bhagalpur (Kuppa Ghat) in Bihar for the regeneration of Indian society politically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. He had the strong perception that Salvation is inculcated by educating the masses, the rich and the poor, the literate, the atheist and agonistic where one and all are influenced by Maharshi Mehi teaching.
                                                                    He emphasized on Humanism rather than any individual community which was beyond all manmade boundaries. He considered the world as global village where no one was elite. To the common masses he preached that they ought to be away from (five evil practices) (Panch Paap) as lie, theft, addiction, violence and Vyavichaar.
                                                                                    He insisted the human to live a bream with the good deed not only to oneself but for others. He considered Education as fruitful and effective way of human making which can bring about total and integrated development in the persona of the practicing individual.
                At a time when Guru-Sishya Parampara was on the threshold of extinction Maharshi Mehi got a disciple-Mahabir Das who was true in every respect. He thought that his ideas could be well communicated to the common masses even after he wouldn’t be present physically. After coming in close contact with Maharshi Mehi he was blessed with the name-Santasevi-true to the word and its spirit. With the passage of time Maharshi Mehi was so enamored by his disciple that shouldered the responsibility of Santmat and eradicating the ignorance of the general people to his disciple. Santasevi is presently known as Maharshi santaseviji Paramhansjee Maharaj.
Maharshi mehi Founder
The utterance of Lord Sri Krishna didn’t prove to be futile by the birth of Mahabir Das on 20th Dec 1920 when the whole world was on the verge of death of humanity and the common people were struggling for existence.
              From the word go, he was so deeply inspired by Maharshi Mehi’s thoughts that becoming more in reading the religious books. It wouln’t have been the end of long agony of common people had he not met Maharshi Mehi – nor the struggling people would have relieved as thus.
                                                                                              On 21st March 1939, Maharshi Mehi offered him “Deeksha” according to santmata with the “Deeksha” Maharshi Mehi got Santaseveji as Maharshi Santsevijee. After “Deeksha” Santaseviji started to live with Gurudev. Seeing his selfless love and dedication once Maharshi Mehi said the relation between Santaseviji and him was U and Q. Maharshi Santseviji following the footmark of the teachings of his spiritual guru, Maharshi Mehi thought of establishing an educational institution which would be unique of its own kind. He thought that if toddlers were taught the spirituality they could prove to be a torch bearer in the future which would illuminate the world with the mystic light of education.
              Deeply moved by the thought of his spiritual Guru Maharshi Mehi and founded Maharshi Mehi Vidyapeeth on 15th April 2005 at Lohardih, Kolakusma, P.o.- K.G. Ashram, Dhanbad a place dominated by down trident Tribal community who were poverty stricken and illiterate who were struggling on enlighten and peaceful coexistence. With the emergence of Maharshi Mehi Vidyapeeth all the struggling tribal’s were hopefully benefited. By its effective functioning his dream has come true in every respect to its brink.